NOvA power distribution paper published

The UVA Intensity Frontier Group was solely responisble for the design, fabrication, and operation of the NOvA Power Distribution System. The NOvA Power Distribution System (PDS) provide all of the power to the 344,064 channels of electronics in the Far Detector, including 10,752 front-end boards, thermoelectric coolers, and avalanche photo-diodes, and 168 Data Concentrator Modules. Included in the system are 168 Power Distribution Boxes designed by the Virginia group, 56 low-voltage, high-current power supplies, 2 multi-channel high-voltage power supplies, 16 relay racks, 23.5 km of cables, and 3.5 km of cable trays. The physical size and unique topology of the NOvA detector, when combined with the power demands and cooling requirements of the front end electronics, made the PDS and electronics infrastructure design a formidable challenge which required significant electrical and mechanical design and engineering. To read more about the system download the paper, written by E. Craig Dukes, you can download it from

Nuclear Instruments and Methods