Past Group Personnel

Former Faculty

Ken Nelson
Senior Professional Staff, Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins
Member of group: 1989 – 2005.

Former Research Associates

Michael Baird (2018 – 2021)
Yuri Oksuzian (2011 – 2018)
Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory
Martin Frank (2011 – 2016)
Professor, University of South Alabama
Andrew Norman (2004 – 2010)
Scientist, Fermilab
630-840-4016 (Office: 12th floor Wilson Hall, Fermilab)
757-784-3400 (cell)
Gabriel Niculescu (2002 – 2003)
Professor, James Madison University
Romulus Godang (2000 – 2002)
Professor, University of South Alabama
Lanchun Lu (1999 – 2003)
Professor, Radiation Medicine, Ohio State University
Casey Durandet (1996 – 1998)
Professor, Paradise Valley Community College
Sharon White
Professor, Department of Radiology, University of Alabama
Yannis Tzamouranis (1995 – 1996)
Vice President, Head of Market Risk at Aegon

Former Graduate Students

Zukai Wang, 2015 (NOvA)
Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer
Chad Materniak (HyperCP)
email: cmaterniak(at)
Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc.
2001 N. Beauregard Street, Suite 100
Alexandria, VA 22311
434-409-2503 (cell)
703-399-7219 (office)
Tim Holmstrom, 2003 (HyperCP)
Professor, Longwood College.
Melin Huang, 2003 (HyperCP)
Assistant Fellow, LeCosPA, NTU.
Hilliary Lane, 2004 (MIPP)
Yao Ding, 2004 (HyperCP)
Geff Gardner, 2003 (HyperCP)
Daniel Bowring, 2002 (CKM)
Staff Physicist, Fermilab
Matthew Larsen, 2002 (CKM)
Durgaprasad Rajaram, 1996 (HyperCP)
Research Scientist, University of Michigan.
Nedal Saleh, 1995 (HyperCP)
Sr. Staff Scientist/Project Lead at Photon Dynamics
Steve Desanto, 1991 (Spacal)
Physics Teacher, Lake Mary HS, FL
Terence A. Wynne, 1991 (Spacal)

Former Undergraduate Students

I've listed the graduate schools to which they went, for those I know.

Kristen Schumacher (2016-2019)
Graduate student, University of Illinois
Quincy Mendelson (2018-2019)
Software engineer, Leidos
Thomas Stewart (2016-2019)
Associate Software Engineer at CoStar Group
Cole Miles (2016)
Intern at Expedition Technology Inc
Danny Mills (2017-2019)
Business Analyst at Capital One
Steven Stetzler (2016)
Astronomy graduate student, University of Washington
Pedrom Zadeh (2016-2018)
Kendall Dalkiewicz (2016)
Eric Culbertson
Gage DeZoort
Sarah Dukes (High School, summer 2015)
Virginia Tech
Brendan Kelley (ME, summer 2015)
Hannah Kessenich
Hanyu Ma (summers 2014, 2015)-
University of Pennsylvania
Robert Mina (2014-2015)
Stanford University
Tanner Rase (2014-2015)
Willem van Reesema (ME, summer 2015)
Design Engineer at S&S Precision
Yongyi Wu (2013-2015)
University of Michigan
Khanh Dang (ME, fall 2014, spring 2015)
Jacob Matthews (ME, fall 2014, spring 2015)
Joseph Purvis (ME, summer, fall 2014, spring 2015)
Mehreen Sultana (summer 2014, U. Georgia, Fermilab)
Rochester University
Elton Ho (2012-2014)
Guillaume Bailey (summer 2013, summer 2014)
Independent Game Developer Evans
Jason Adams (ME, summer, fall 2012, spring 2013)
Systems Administrative Analyst for the University of Virginia Health System
Panaiot Zotev (summer 2013)
Technische Universitat Munchen
Zach Drumheller (ME, summer, fall 2012, spring 2013)
MA Colorado School of Mines
Systems / Mechanical Engineer, Lockheed Martin SSC
Matt Childers (summer 2012), BS 2013
University of Washington
Robert Michaels (summer 2011)
Kha Tran (summer 2011), BS ME 2013
Jonathon Stewart (summer 2011)
Dylan Evans (summer 2011)
University of Indiana
Sten Hasselquist (spring 2012, fall/summer 2011)
PhD, New Mexico State University in astronomy, postdoc at University of Utah
Jason Gran (Summer/fall 2010, spring 2011)
BS 2011, PhD University of California, Santa Barbara; Data Scientist at Tellius
Dale Mudd (summer 2010)
BS 2011, PhD, The Ohio State University (Astronomy)
Krister Lagergren (summer 2010)
Software Engineer, Boeing
Erik Arvidson (summer 2009)
R. Scott Russo (summer 2009)
PhD Engineering, University of Virginia
Yufie Yang
Daniel Moser (summer 2008)
Michael Remchuk
Teacher, Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, Walton Middle School, Charlottesville, Virginia
Yao Yao
Machi Shields, BS 2010
Hunter Tammaro, BS 2010
Senior Consultant at Excella Consulting
Kiadtisak Saenboonruang, BS 2007
Professor, Kasetsart University
Nicole Fields, BS 2008
PhD 2014 University of Chicago
Health Physicist Nuclear Regulartory COmmission
John Tener, BS 2006
Elizabeth Xu, BS 2006 i
PhD University of California, Berkeley
HHMI Research Associate, University of Illinois
Benjamin Streufert, 2005
Frederick Ross, BS 2004
Rockefeller University-
SignalSense blog
Hussain Zaidi, BS 2004, University of Virginia
Chris Noe, BS 2004
Kristin Luery, BS 2003,
PhD (Math) University of Florida
Development Researcher at University of Virginia
Lang Nguyen, BS 2002
MD University of Virginia Medical School
David Algoso, BS 2003,
Field Program Manager at Mercy Corps
Jennifer Gannon, BS 2000
PhD University of Colorado
US Geological Survey
Matt Deming, BS 2001
University of Vermont-
Senior UX Architect at Lyons Consoluting Group
Matthew Weber, BS 1996,
MBA Kenan-Flagler Business School
Managing director, NVCapital Advisors
Alison Cohen, BS 1996
President and CEO, Alta Bicycle Share
Matt Lane, BS 1995
Walter Swindell, BS 1993
JD University of Baltimore
Joshua Wells, BS 1992
MBA Northwestern University
Tong-Uk Lee, BS 1992
PhD Cornell
Senior Engineer, Bloomberg
Scott Armel, BS 1993
PhD University of California, Berkeley -
Professor Claremont College
Thomas Mehan, PhD Johns Hopkins -
Professor, Duke University
Kan Fang, BS 1991
David DeLalio, BS 1991
MS (Engineering) University of Maryland
Director, Instrument Operations and Production at Meso Scale Discovery
James B. (Trey) White, BS 1992
PhD University of Tennesee
National Center for Atmospheric Research